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 For more than 25 years, Dr. Wendy Lynch has been making the connection between human and business performance.  Her career has included roles as faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Senior Scientist at Health Decisions International, and Principal consultant at Mercer Human Resource Consulting.  Now Dr.Lynch runs her own consulting firm and serves as Senior Scientist at an education and research foundation called the Health as Human Capital Foundation. She continues to educate audiences about economic incentives in health care. Educated at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she earned a Doctorate in Research and Evaluation Methodology.  Dr. Lynch has applied her skills in research design and evaluation to several pivotal studies in the fields of health management, productivity assessment and human capital management.  A frequent speaker and author of over 50 articles and reports, Dr. Lynch is also an author of two books on the economics of health care and business: Aligning incentives, Information and Choice: How to Optimize Health and Human Capital Performance and Who Survives? How Benefit Costs are Killing Your Company.



Wendy D. Lynch, Ph.D.


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Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis